Saturday, August 15, 2015

Near Death Experience

Lately, I have been pondering on my testimony of the priesthood and how it came to be so strong. As I began to slowly recall all the events and people that have truly effected my life, two stories came to mind. I will share with you the first one.

It all began with a distinct desire for freshly popped popcorn, and ended with a tiny kernel...
            I was 16 years old. A junior in high school deeply involved in student council, choir, drama, and sports. My life was wonderful. Plus, it was almost winter break, which means Christmas was right around the corner. There was so much excitement and joy! But then it slowly began to feel like everything was falling apart.
Everyone knows that your junior year is always the most difficult. Classes are harder, tests are more important, and grades are being watched closely by colleges. Ten days before all the semester finals were scheduled to be taken, I was sitting at home studying, and felt my stomach growl. My Mom wasn’t home, so I knew that I had to be in charge of making my own dinner. Since I was lazy, I just made myself a bowl of my favorite buttery popcorn, and went back to studying. Days after that, I started to feel sick. At first, it only seemed like the flu. I was running a high fever, throwing up, and had a lack of concentration. For a junior about to take final exams, it was probably the worst thing ever.
            My entire life, I have always been a drama queen. Ever since I was in 2nd grade, I would fake being sick just so I wouldn’t have to go to school. Or when I was home, if my siblings teased me, I would cry and completely over-emphasize every little emotion. I did that throughout all my childhood and early teen years. So when I went to my parents telling them I didn’t feel well at all, they thought it was just an excuse I was using to get out of school.
But boy, were they wrong...
            I started waking up in the middle of the night from all the pain. I didn’t want my parents to know though; they wouldn’t believe me. So I would grab my blanket and pillow, walk to the bathroom, and sleep on the cold, tiled floor hoping it would help soothe the pain. One night, the pain was more than I could contain. I awoke screaming, but realized there was no noise coming from me. I needed my parents. I kept hearing a voice tell me, “Get up and find your Dad.” My body began to arch and wrench from the pain. I couldn’t move. But the voice continued to repeat that same line to me. I knew that if I didn’t get up and find my Dad, something terrible was going to happen to me. I mustered up enough strength to twist my body hard to the left so I could roll myself off my bed. I fell to the floor and began to cry even harder. It took me about 30 minutes to climb all the way up the stairs from my room to my family’s living room. Once I reached the top step, I couldn’t move any longer. I laid myself on the carpet and began to call out for my parents. My voice was so quiet. But a few minutes later, my Dad came walking out of his room. Rubbing his eyes and putting on his glasses, he saw me curled up on the floor heaving, groaning, and crying from all the pain. He came over to me, helped me up onto the couch, put his arm around me, and began dialing up my brother Kevin who had recently married and moved out. It was around 3 in the morning, so calling my brother in the middle of the night was a long shot but he lived closer to us than any of my other brothers. Miraculously, Kevin picked up after a few rings and my Dad asked him to come over right away. After he arrived, they gave me a priesthood blessing. Although the pain was still great, I felt a powerful, warm feeling the moment the blessing began. I knew that everything was going to be alright.
            A few days later, I woke up to the excitement of Christmas! There was family, presents, music, food, and stockings filled with goodies! Although there was so much joy coming from the holiday, I still felt like I couldn’t breathe or move. My Mom, who believed I was over exaggerating everything from the start, rolled her eyes when she saw me curled up on the stairs crying. She grabbed her purse and told me to get up and go to the car.
            That afternoon on Christmas day, my mother took me to the hospital. We arrived to the emergency room and signed in. The nurses behind the front desk took all the standard tests and measurements before moving on with my situation. As the day wore on, we were finally taken to the back room. They ran all kinds of different tests on me to figure out what my problem was. They took blood, urine samples, CAT scan, ultra sound, etc. After 8 hours of tests, the doctors finally discovered an area inside my body that contained a strange fluid. They realized that the fluid came from my appendix. It had ruptured.
The night I woke up screaming and crawling upstairs to my Dad, turned out to be the night my appendix had ruptured. The poison/acid contained inside it began to slowly spread through my body and had been for about 6 days.

The doctors prepped me and we went into surgery right away. The normal estimated time for a surgery on appendicitis is around 30 to 45 minutes, an hour at most. My surgery lasted for a total of 3 hours and 48 minutes. The doctor had to cut me open, pull out all my guts and organs, clean the poison out of my body, and put everything back in. But, as he pulled everything out, he discovered that 7 inches of my intestines had been compromised. A pocket of poison snuck its way in and began to eating away my intestines. The doctor had to cut those 7 inches out and sew the two new ends together. The poison had also come so close to reaching my lungs. I was lucky to be alive. After I got out and was placed in the recovery room, the doctor told my parents that my appendix had been blocked by a popcorn kernel, which had caused it to slowly swell up and rupture. I had to stay inside the hospital for a week of recovery before given the okay to check out.
My life nearly ended because of a tiny popcorn kernel…
I firmly believe that if I hadn’t received a Priesthood blessing that night, I wouldn’t be alive today. The power of the priesthood is real and it continues to bless my life every single day. It is an amazing gift that our Heavenly Father has allowed us to have. It truly does perform miracles and saves lives as long as we have faith and love. I am so grateful to have a family full of righteous young men and a wonderful father that are worthy enough to hold the priesthood. No person should ever take it for granted.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Family Photos for the New Year

Obviously this post is super late, but it's better late than never! So back near the end of November, my family decided to get our New Year family photos done and out of the way. Usually, we would ask my fabulous sister-in-law Stacey to take our pictures for us, but the only day we had available, she was busy. So the pictures didn't turn out as amazing as I wanted them to be, but oh well. There is always this up coming year.

Needless to say, I love my family. Even though they are all moved out except for Allan and I, I still miss them all the time. The house we live in now, I have been there my entire life. That's 19 years of memories in that house. All full of glorious traditions, challenges, fights, laughter, games, etc.... So quite literally, I am reminded daily of how much fun life used to be as a kid. Growing up and getting older has an upside too, but nothing can compare to the memories you have as a kid.

While you are all reminiscing on your childhood memories, here are some of my favorite photos from the album....Enjoy!

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Being out of high school is kind of a depressing thing. You start to have withdrawals and miss all of the fun activities that went along with school. I mean, don't get me wrong! I love not having to worry about high school drama anymore! But when I was in school, I participated in a lot of stuff! In the musicals, student council, choir, sports, stage crew, dances, and clubs. I tried to take advantage of all the opportunities that were put in front of me! But now that I'm graduated and all I have is work, online college, and hanging out with friends, my life has never felt so empty and repetitive. 

A couple months ago, I was given the opportunity to try out for a group called FunkyTown. It's a show choir group that is a part of FUSE Performing Arts! I was thrilled! I finally had something else going on in my life to change things up a bit! We sing, dance, and get to wear cool outfits! I knew right away that it was an answer to my prayers!

We recently went on a trip to St. George, Utah, for a performance exchange with the school there! It was incredible! The weather there was perfect! We also had the opportunity to see the fantastic dance show there called, "Thriller"! It was unreal. The best creepy dance show I have ever seen! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone! The trip was short but we still had an amazing time! I can't wait for the next trip!

The view was incredible

This is what the "Thriller" show costumes were like! You can see why it was so awesome right!? 

Monday, September 29, 2014

The "100 Year" Flood

         For those who didn't hear, a few weeks ago, Arizona endured an insane and terrifying rain storm which apparently, we are calling the "100 Year" Flood...(hence the title)

It came out of no where. It being near the end of monsoon season, people never expected us to get hit with such a heavy rainstorm. But it happened. Not only was it beautiful, but it was also miserable. It rained for so long, EVERYTHING was flooded! People's homes, the school's, the street's, the freeway's, stores....we definitely weren't prepared for something like this.

 This picture was taken at 6:30 in the morning. I am at a park that was flooded all the way up to the top of the hill and was even over-flowing a little bit into the street on the other side.

This is my Dad's workshop with tons of electrical equipment in it. I know that it was stupid of me to go walking in there, but I'll be totally honest. I didn't even think about it until after I was already all the way in there.
This was later on in the day near the end of work for me. I took Mickey (the little boy that I nanny), outside to play in the puddles. He really enjoyed it! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

~Home from California~

Although this past week in California was great, I couldn't be more thrilled to be home! Showers, home-cooked food, a comfy bed, no bugs in my face, and NO DIRT!
We stayed at this campsite in San Clemente, California. Not too bad. A little crowded I suppose. And being the teenage girl that I am, I was pretty peeved when I found out that there weren't any outlets on the camp ground...... Honestly. You would think that they would put outlets on every campsite just in case people needed them.

But regardless of all the up's and down's, it ended up being pretty fantastic.

SixFlags and the Beach!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

~California Bound~

            Ever since I first started my job as a nanny in June, I haven't been able to go on many big summer trips. You know, the kind that every newly graduated senior dreams of going on with their friends? Well, luckily, I have friends who had to wait until the end of summer as well! (Good thing too! Less busy)  And I couldn't be more thrilled!

            We are going to California and camping out on the beach for about 4 days! Plus, we are going to Six Flags too (which I have never been to before)!! Exciting, right!?
I am so glad that I have such amazing parents who love me and trust me enough to take care of myself! I am so excited! So wish me luck everyone!

(My next post will be pictures of the trip!) 
But for right now, here are some pictures of my Student Council trip to California when I was a Junior!

Mesa High School Student Council 2012-2013

Space Mountain YO!! 
Bet you can't tell which one is Allan? ;)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

~Bows and Toes~

        As some of you already know or happened to read in my first post, I am a nanny for a very nice couple watching their two kids. They have a little girl about 6 years old and a baby boy around 9 months old now. With school starting I don't have to watch their daughter as much anymore since she is going to school. So now that I have a little more time on my hands whenever the baby naps, I tend to go into the craft room and let my creativity work its magic. Obviously, it isn't my craft room, so I don't know where everything is. So because of that, I just stick to the basic easy crafts! Here are a few of them!

(This was the hardest one to make!)